Monday, September 1, 2008

DJ's New Room!

Well... we are finally finished with DJ's room redo! Dalton originally wanted a black room. YUCK! After days of decision making and negotiating, take a look at the finished product. I was able to get the black in his room without it overpowering the room. He also wanted some red which turned out really nice and tied in his love of Texas A&M.

I sewed some WalMart special $3 sheets and made a curtain cover for his closet. Eventually we'll add some closet doors, but he DJ really likes the curtains.

Al painted his old desk and made it into his entertainment center. I still need to paint a piece of thin plywood and put it under his desk in front of the wires to camouflage them.

Another shot of the entertainment center and "reading area" as DJ calls it.

DJ wanted his bed low to the floor, so Al built a platform to put it on. The platform is solid so nothing can get shoved underneath.

Another view of DJ chillin' out in his new room. DJ says it's sweeeet!