Thursday, August 21, 2008

UT Marine Center Open House

This is a belated posting, but wanted to share part of our summer vacation with you all.

In June, University of Texas Marine Center in Port Aransas held an open house. Mom, Dalton, Callan, and I went and have an awesome time. They took us out on different boats in the bay to learn about marine life. The kids enjoyed to touch tanks on the boat. Mom enjoyed the boat ride by the Lydia Ann lighthouse. I enjoyed the boat rides themselves the best. What a wonderful opportunity UT gives the public by opening their doors once a year. We had a blast!

Thanks UT Marine Center!

Smiley face on the beach at Mustang Island.

The kids at the end of a long, hot day at UT Marine Center.

Mom and the kids on one of the boat rides that went by the Lydia Ann Lighthouse.

Lydia Ann Lighthouse, Aransas Pass, Texas

More to come...