Friday, October 12, 2007


Hello everyone! I thought I would get with the times and start a blog to share everything that is going on in our lives with friends and family. We are all very busy! Dalton started football (his first year) and is busy raising pigs for 4H. Callan is staying busy with gymnastics, dance, Girl Scouts and 4H. Al is busy doing jobs around the house and running the kids everywhere. I am busy working in the Newborn Nursery, still working on my Master's in Nursing, and toting the kids places. This first posting may be somewhat long so I can get you all up to speed with our busy lives.

Here is Dalton playing his first football game (#26). He plays Fullback on the defense and loves it.

Last weekend Callan and I met Nana & Papa in Port Aransas. The weather was great except for the occasional rain storm. Al and Dalton did not come with us because one of Dalton's pigs was due to have babies and they wanted to stay and make sure mom and babies were OK ; however, she did not have her babies.

More to come...